About us.

Apex Home Health Care, LLC is an agency established with the aim to provide home medical care to elderly and senior patients to eliminate the frequent need for hospital visits and admission.
Medical procedures and illness not only drain individuals and family emotionally but physically also. Our agency's primary goal is to become a source of relief and ease for individuals in pain and their families.

We work at home as the replacement of hospital or a nursing home. Anything you need, our professionals will be right beside your bed.














The Role of Apex in Providing Senior Home Health Care Services

The core value of Apex Home Health Care, LLC is to provide affordable and effective home medical care, mobility assistance, manual therapies, and management programs to the elderly and every individual going through a delicate physical injury or disease. Based in Florida, we work as a Home Health Agency in Delray Beach, Palm Beach and Boca Raton.

Including excellent home health care, we are also well-reputed as a specialist in senior care in Boca Raton.

Our Home Health Care Boca Raton team is entirely dedicated to your care and well-being. Through our intervention program, we hope to add pace to the healing process of our clients. With the right supervision and therapies, we guarantee a noticeable change and definite improvement in people’s lives. Some of the goals of our Home Health Agency Boca Raton include:


In hard times, positive energy and support is very important for everyone. Apex Home Health Care, LLC is very specific about the traits of compassion, patience, and understanding in our team members. Since our team provides several hours of care at your residence, we believe in practicing companionship. We will be your companions throughout the day, in every activity.

Skilled Nurses

Our Home Health Agency in Boca Raton has exceptionally skilled and trained nurses. In case of any medical emergency, our skilled nurses take charge of the situation and provide instant medical care. The skilled nurses are trained to make a quick suggestion for medical urgency based on the situation. Our nurses are certified for every kind of medical assistance. Whether there is a need for medication dosage change or an anti-septic wound task.

Personal Care

Lack of mobility and health can make a task as small as washing your face horrendous. Lack of personal care is often a reason for patients' slow progress and dull behavior towards well-being. Good personal care elevates mood and prevents any septic wounds. Our non-skilled team members will act as a helping hand to do every kind of personal hygiene request including bathing, grooming, and personal care among other things. Our goal is to make sure that the bathing process is completed according to the likings of our client.

Medical Assistance at Home

Personal home health care covers a range of medical procedure and post-procedure medical monitoring. Our assistance and duties are always in accordance with your doctor and physical therapist.

Our home health care in Palm Beach reach people’s homes where most agencies refuse to come or charge a lot. Regardless of the residence area, we make sure that our services remain affordable to the majority of the people in the long term. Our home health agency in Palm Beach hand picks trained staff and professionals to tend your medical needs.

Mobility Assistance

In injury or illness, we understand that moving physically can be painful and extremely soul-draining. However, bedsores are one of the common result of continuous bed rest. The purpose of our mobility assistance service is to encourage muscle movement and flexibility in the body. Our senior care Boca Raton provide aid from the moment you get up from bed to the moment you want to go back to sleep.

Respite for the family

We make sure that our Senior Home Health Care Services are beneficial for the caretaker of the family as well. We take over the majority of the care elements so the family members can rest as well and spend quality time with their loved ones. We are especially helpful for people who have full-time jobs and children at home to look after.

Non Skilled Assistance

Finding professional non-skilled assistance in Palm Beach is a herculean task. Our home health agency in Palm Beach provides trustworthy and professional non-skilled assistance.

The goal of our non-skilled assistance is to cover all non-medical tasks. The task can be arranged anywhere from making up your bed to doing laundry and picking up your medications. Our non-skilled assistance work is as good as a personal assistant.

Why choose Apex Home Health Care Boca Raton, Palm Beach, and in Delray Beach?

The business of nursing homes and assisted living has been around a while in Florida. The purpose of such platforms is similar to our agency but it takes away the opportunity for families to spend time with their loved ones and bond over little moments.

We provide home health care in Boca Raton and also cover all of Palm Beach County and Delray Beach for medical, and personal assistance for the elderly. We can take over responsibilities anywhere ranging from wound care to medical monitoring and assistance.

Feedback that we receive about Apex Home Health Care LLC is that seniors find our experts gentle, lively, friendly, extremely understanding, someone who brightens up their day and looks after every need.


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